Sibilla Indovina ~ Brunette

Four of Spades

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE : a friend, girlfriend, a positive person with dark hair, a charming woman, a good counselor, wife, sister, relative. In love a new acquaintance with dark hair.

CARD STRAIGHT: a woman who knows how to listen and advise, acting in good faith, good hearted and dark-haired. In love is a positive knowledge, destined to have a loving relationship. In social relationships he is a trusted person, a best friend. In the work is a connecting altruistic, sincere, generous, reliable.

CARD DOWN : adulteress~lover, treacherous, unreliable person. Fascinating and aggressive woman with the ability to deceive men. At work is a person of some importance that hinders the career consultant. Family is a relative of bad and false.

The Good Friend: good person to hang out
Gifts : good advice
The Enemy : a nasty surprise, a possible betrayal


Up card indicates a friendly person who can have brown hair / blacks of great temper and good mood. Reliability and sincerity.

Down card indicates a woman or a situation wich is totally negative. Need to watch their back because there is possibility of stab in the back. False person or just false ~ everything…

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