Sibilla Indovina ~ Accomplishment

Ten of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: it is one of the best cards in the deck.

CARD STRAIGHT: victory, success, a situation of great happiness for the person concerned in consulting. Expected periods of economic prosperity, innate personal satisfaction. The successful enterprises work, obtaining a positive response, start a new business. In love wedding, engagement at home, birth, return of a love of the past. Crown a long wait with pleasant news.

CARD DOWN vain attempt, abrupt termination of a project, significant economic losses. It is the dissatisfaction and moral depression. All previously planned projects may fade due to unforeseen. In love takes on the meaning of a disappointment, as well as moral principles hindering feelings blocked by past disappointments.

Straight with a money card is winning and great fortune
Weakness : Healing


Up card indicates that time brings lucky moment fot conultante. When everything seems to resolve, it is really! All what is hoped will be achieved.

Down card indicates the failure of what interested the consultante. Card speaks of dissatisfaction in every field. Total demoralization.

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