Sibilla Indovina ~ A little bit of money

Seven of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: it represents a situation in which the consultant just have to adjust, urges him to have patiente and to be modest.

CARD UP : symbolizes a momentary state in the life of consulting in which it must settle the situation in order to avoid losing the little they got. A working level may be a break in that little by little is recovering giving small satisfactions. In love means that after a period of crisis you will have a small improvement that will go to intensify with time, it takes patience and goodwill to come meet each other.

CARD DOWN: static period, the solution of a problem of the consultant will not happen right away because of the delays probably took. Economically represents a savings signal, you have to create a balance so as not to muddy in bad situation. In love there are imbalances that will last for some time yet. The situation is not final anyway. Risk of gamble.

Success : a small win the game only if the paper is straight
The Widow : short period of moral depression
The Angry Women : to avoid anything that comes from some women


The up card shows a time not glitzy but even negativ. Person must be content with what you have and wait a while. Moments that represent also nice little gestures that make some person happy. Small things metters. Modestly, simplicity, convenience, utility, kindness, servility.

Down card indicates economic problems and recommends caution in everything you intend to do as the time goes by, because luck is not on your side. Pettinesses, criticism, finding hair in the egg, looking for too many details, exaggeratedly stingy and scrooge.

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