Sibilla Indovina ~ A dark haired young man

Jack of Spades

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE : a male person, child, friend, lover, made ​​man, a worker, a man who knows how to give moral and material support from the brown hair color.

CARD STRAIGHT: indicates the sexual sphere of consulting, is a loyal person, honest, studious, correct, a good friend that can support in times of difficulty. For women it can be a pleasant meeting with a positive man with sincere feelings.

PAPER DOWN : arrogance, sexual problems, failure, lack of character, person not to be imitated. At work is a little person trusted, who can not keep his promise. In affective field is a traitor, spoiled, unable to love and immature.

Love: a positive person to love life
With negative cards: a person to hold off
With Weakness: subject to risk


The up card is a brown / black boy / young man. Friendly person but light-minded. He was in a situation that could prove to be pleasant, but I always advise people to be cautious, it is still a light-minded young man whom hormones going crazy and do not think with the upper head but with his „lower head“ all the time…

The down card is revealed for what it is, obviously negative. Arrogance, and deceit actions. Do not trust this individual who may be a traitor as a rival too.

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