Sibilla Indivina ~ True Friend

Queen of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: it is a figure of great generosity and sympathetic towards the consultant. It is the benefactor driven by a sincere interest in the problem of the consultant, a good counselor.

CARD STRAIGHT: friend, benevolent figure, is the one who gives goodness and virtue. For the consultant is always ready to help a friend with a moral and material support. Problematic situation in which you can find easy solution, but also acts of generosity. Is common sense, sincere openness, kindness, friendship of long standing.

CARD DOWN: person or treacherous friend, person acting driven by personal interests. Situation of bad faith, gossip and inappropriate confidences. A sentimental level a person is part of the couple to create harm and false confidences. Advised to pay attention to the people you meet on your journey.

Tenderness : an act of generosity
The Chatter : bad faith on the part of a seemingly sincere acquaintance
The Surprise : unexpected arrival of a loved one

Hint :

Up card indicates whether someone close to confide in or to rely on which, is a positive situation or known and therefore not of concern.

Down card indicates a person who pretends to be a friend. Real falsehood and deceit. It can be a rival, a friend who got angry or jealous and become not so good friend, almost enemy.

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