Sibilla Indovina ~ Waiting

Ten of Hearts

GENERAL MEANING : acts temporal scope of life, delays and mishaps fruitless. Anxiety circumstances, restlessness, psychological torment.

CARD STRAIGHT: it is better not to worry excessively to present a problem because the solution will arrive safely in time. In the circle of feeling is the love that awaits the return of the partner. In business instead risultai be long in coming, the situation has to be monitored.

CARD DOWN : impediments and obstacles will weigh on the company’s success. It can be a major oversight, a lost letter, a communication that does not arrive. The surrounding cards will then determine if the end the outcome will be positive or negative. Situation where it is not possible to evaluate objectively. A conflict, stubbornness and taxation.

The Sweet Card : influence the wait
The Entertainment : (inverted) period even slight crisis.


The vard speaks of waiting for something or someone that goes with it, anxiety, restlessness as well as positive feelings as thrills, joy.

Upside: You wait a long time because of this case ostacoli.In lean on cards close to see if the wait will have good exist or not.

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