Sibilla Indovina ~ Visit

Jack of Hearts

GENERAL MEANING : unexpected arrival, pleasant meeting, visit of a loved one. Is a leisure situation and tranquility, conversation, togetherness, meeting between friends, events, surprise encounters.

CARD STRAIGHT: incoming news, pleasant letters, love messages and statements are more centered meanings of this card stands for the next meeting, new knowledge in the field of friendship and affection. The visit can also be an event expected by the subject, depending on the next cards will be determined by the success or failure. Conducting business in the meeting, conversation, well-balanced organization, working conditions dialogue. In love couple centered objectives.

CARD DOWN : fatality. Inverted assumes the meaning of a no-end, the problem that blocks the affective failed. On the job to be wary of promises of benefits since they will never be implemented. The subject characterized by this card is stubborn and obstinate. Usually persuades the consultant not to make hasty steps. Discord in love with incoming partner.

The Journey : a pleasant shift
Sincere friend : Nice invitation
Weakness : sad confirmations


Card talks about the arrival of someone but also of something (letter, news gifts also) like, or who has been waiting for.

Reverse: The reverse however indicates something or someone coming but what reaches the consultant is not gradito.A times can also indicate the arrival of someone unnecessarily, a bin to understand this better.

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