Sibilla Indovina ~ Victory

Five of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: the projects are great, the propitious circumstances, the triumph of all is certain.

STRAIGHT CARD: the card represents the success of a project and provides a golden moment in all aspects of life of the consultant. In the work it is time to get an advance in their position, personal gratification and material, are in view economic and pleasant surprises increments. May represent a visit to the game.

CARD DOWN: represents a momentary failure and short-lived. If you get a bill of sale in his hands this will not go through. In love, you have failed in the enterprise due to an incorrect attitude towards partners. If you have set their sights on a particular person best left to lose, this is not the right person for you.

This card is able to wipe out the negativity of neighboring cards in general except when coming together as opposed to a paper money: in this case the meaning is that this is not your time and it is better to wait for better times.


Up card is positive Card which talk about good fortune in every field of influence of life. Can Also indicated fortune. Card talks about the successful conclusion of each escalator or thing that he cared about the consultant.

Down card shows victory is only delayed, but not lost. Indicate the inability to grasp the oportunity because of bad timing.

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