Sibilla Indovina ~ The Consultant (♂)

Three of Diamonds

GENERAL MEANING: the man who asks for consultations, the one who seeks an answer. A partner for woman who asks.

CARD STRAIGHT: the consultant is willing to listen to the advice of the cards: has the necessary strength to face adversity. Psychologically it is a positive and honest man. Symbolic figure, husband, father, lover, friend.

CARD BACKWARD: the consultant is wary of the cards and the situation in which there is: you do not realize can be the obstacle to the resolution of their problems.


This card is the one who is doing consulting describing him as a person of good character.

Upside down card : The card indicates that samething is not good and there is something in his life that he does not know about. Also indicate that the client is insincere, but this is better check with the neighboring cards.

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