Sibilla Indovina ~ Tenderness

Queen of Hearts

GENERAL MEANING : The paper contains all those attitudes that come from the heart: attention, outpourings, romance and caresses. Generally pleasant events.

CARD STRAIGHT: attentions of love, kindness, pleasant privacy moments. The couple determines a particular moment of tranquility and perfect understanding. But also of reconciliation with a loved one in the field of interpersonal relationships is a gesture of innate goodness. In the business field concrete help by a superior.

CARD DOWN : attitude dictated by nervousness, mortifying situation, unexpected blow of anger. On the emotional level, cooling more or less passenger feelings and sterility. In the work situation determines an injustice suffered, even stance. Person evil, of bad intentions aimed at hurting.

Hearts: period of great attention
Cards of money: the economic balance budget


The card represents a woman with kind and considerate ways, a mother. If the card is surrounded by the Affection or Love the situation is favorable to the consultant.

Upside down: The environment in which lives the consultant is rather cold, there is no affection, and emotions are rather bitter. There is a guard against a woman who is kind but only in appearance, because she has bad intentions to the consultant.

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