Sibilla Indovina ~ Pleasure-fun

Two of Diamonds

GENERAL MEANING: the card is very auspicious, represents everything that leads to personal success, involving the consultant and the people dearest to him. It indicates the trivial circumstances, of joy or fun as festivals or ceremonies, provides for the successful implementation of the consultant’s expectations.

CARD STRAIGHT: indicates strong positive both in the private sphere and in the more mundane. In the affective field indicates an engagement or a wedding in sight. It provides for the meeting with distant relatives or fun situations with friends. The job means a company with loyal people or positive, fruitful economic projects. If the consultant has recently embarked on their own business, good developments and win the competition.

CARD DOWN: is a delay in the emotional success of a situation that is dear to the consultant, however you can glimpse the positivity of its conclusion. In love is a period of temporary crisis that can flattening if we resort to the help of others. In the social field it means a person who conspires against you, envy and superficiality.

Reconciliation: soon find yourself a person dear to you
The Town House: A relative of yours will get engaged soon
The Enemy: between your knowledge someone does not love you for sure


The card speaks of cheerful moments and happiness. Nice party or outing with friends, or familly. Rappresents also situations of „lightness“ or experience of easy going situation. This card is very positive.

Down card : The card becomes rather bad. Lack of enthusiasm, or the desire to do anything. The consultant is going through a time of crisis or lonliness.

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