Sibilla Indovina ~ Military

King of Diamonds

GENERAL MEANING: it is the physical strength and reasoned choice, balance and strength of the consultant will have. It is the physical and mental passion, charm, a chance for meeting (in emotional way)

CARD UP: is the force that overcomes an obstacle, means obedience, maturity of mind, a jinx. It indicates a career. Represents the professions that take place in uniform, in front of obedience to the rules, the justice takes its course. In love is a story destined to close soon because there is a „3rd persone in the game“…

CARD DOWN: is an action foiled dictated by anger that prevails over reason, is a young drifter, without feelings or practical difficulties, obstacles and bureaucratic hassles. It should not transgress the rules because there is the risk of paying serious consequences. In love, the union is characterized by only physical attraction, a story that does not have a solid foundation.

The Man of Law: serious legal difficulties, processes, looming situation on consultant
The Delay : practical obstacles, setbacks and troubles not calculated.


Up card shows the determination to accomplish the goal. A person who loves adventure and then when it comes out close to cards such as Travel it can indicate holiday or real adventura.

This card is still not totally positive even up, because it also speaks aboute abuse of power and use of its power for selfish means and goals. So the damage may come to a situation that is very difficult for a persone to have patience and not to „arm herselve“ to overcome the torture. Indicator also of people who wear uniforms.

Reversed card indicates relief for the consultant and then a break in the daily battles.

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