Sibilla Indovina ~ Loyalty & Attachment

Two Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: attachment, bonding welded from a solid foundation, honesty and trust in others. Marital fidelity, blood pact between true friends, consistency, continuity of attendance, honesty, vain temptations.

CARD STRAIGHT: ensures an honest relationship as a couple with no betrayals and temptations, without imbalances. It provides security and confidence in partners. In the workplace is an optimal collaboration between several people where there is fellowship.

CARD DOWN: infidelity, confusion and disappointment, broken promises, betrayal by someone who seemed trustworthy. It is lies and skeletons discovered in the closet. The past is negative and full of errors deserved. It is an escape in a prison context. Lack of affection in personal and physical level, the situation is not objective. In a group an arrogant person is having dominance. Great personal imbalances and refusal to accept yourself as you are.

The Marriage and Love : the inevitable discovery of a betrayal
A Blonde : the subject is libertine
With upside near the Past : unfounded suspicions


Up card indicates closnes of to people, ideas or ways that are the same. It goes out for an extended love, you can rest assured if it comes out in a spread about the work, there is no danger of losing it or change it.

Upside shows that the situation is changing, the reverse is not true nor costant. This situation becomes instabile. Some of friends are not sinceri. Ideas and thoughts are changing.

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