Sibilla Indovina ~ Enemy

Six Flowers

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: a negative person from whom the consultant should stay away. The enemy can act directly or indirectly to the detriment of the person targeted. It is a figure exclusively male.

CARD STRAIGHT: is the lie, falsehood, a person who blocks the way for the success of a project, a partner who deceives, a friend who deceives the consultant with targeted lies to his evil. In love can be a contender. If close to the card Town House is a relative envious. It is past grudges, path failure, the situation of envy, incumbent secrets.

PAPER BACKWARD: the paper upside loses sentimental value, can be a lie told by a person who was believed reliable, but also a deliberately wrong advice. It can be a deliberately created obstacle by others, to prevent the peaceful evolution of a loved one situation to the consultant.

The Chatter: some people slandered the consultant making it serious difficulties
House : a relative hates fiercely


The up card indicates a person who wants to harm the consultant, the card straight tells us that the enemy is here and wants to harm us. Often a false person who best shows of what it is, and blacmails. Therefore dangerous as it comes to looking innocent. Indicates that the situation it is unclear and dangerous and recommend walking with leaden feet looking over His shoulder.

Down card is always negative, the enemy is here said, the difficult situation to manage because all not favorably for us. Not to trust anyone. The down card shows that this person do not hide that he hate us. He is open about it and uses every opportunity to stick a knife in our back.

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