Sibilla Indovina ~ A lot of money

Ace of flowers

GENERAL MEANING: Prosperity, profitable business, economic success, winning, collection of debts, successful development of a circumstance.

CARD STRAIGHT: represents money and material fruits, profitable opportunities, project realization. Will be a positive turning point in a stagnant situation, a purchase long desired will fail. In love is an advantageous love. If it were preceded by spades it means that the emotional side is supported by economic interests.

CARD DOWN : the situation is of a general block, there are delays in payments and a drop in disposable income. Costs and economic sacrifices wich are not planned at all.

Gifts : will spend more than budgeted & planned.
Triumph and Victory : a constructive period.


Up card is the abundance advantages in every field and opportunities. Naturally is talking about money wich can be big. Positive card that speaks of satisfaction and triumph. Magnification in any way. The expansion of both good and bad, all depending on which card find next to the card.

A reverse card becomes very negative but presages delays compared its projects but without indicating  a real failure.

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