Sibilla Indovina ~ A letter

Ace of Diamonds

GENERAL MEANING: Incoming News, unexpected change, it can be a chance for meeting, a decision taken quickly, a love wich is away that soon could return, but also an unexpected job opportunity.

CARD STRAIGHT: Arrival of news expected for some time and pleasant novelties, breathy letters that arrive at their destination. In the workplace is an immediate hiring, good news coming in this field. The card indicates good earnings, positive business opportunity to evaluate new proposals for employment. In sentiment ~ it is an open secret, an ambiguous attitude, the discovery of a subterfuge.

CARD DOWN: generally negative paper. unpleasant things to come, a sudden and unforeseen cash outputs, received complaints, false documents. In the workplace it indicates a move away from the workplace. Affections indicates lack of feeling in loss of desire. However, if taken in time the prediction made can be avoided or changed in its course.

Revelation : arrival of a big news
The Chatter : statement made baseless
Marriage or Fun : a pleasant invitation is coming.


Up card clearly indicates the arrival of news as well as novelties brought by others. The card also talks about the immediacy of things.

Down card : incoming news are negative or are not what you expected. Delay in arrival of news. A time when it’s good to pay some fines or depts.

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