Sibilla Indovina ~ Excursion

Four of Flowers

GENERAL MEANING: evasion, ride, small shift. The situation is pleasant but there will be speeches delicate to deal with, decisions to be taken in the „4 walls“ or in private, an affectionate relatives, close relatives, every thing that’s personal and hidden.

STRAIGHT CARD : deals with the circumstances that come from your usual routine, a delicate time in which they must be addressed problems that have been dragging for a long time. For the love determines a particularly quiet period, to be enjoyed in all its most romantic aspects. At work tasks will be totally new proposals.

CARD BACKWARD: the period is of great boredom and apathy, refusal to deal with relationship problems. It can mean a relationship that has come to an end. It is a person who lies to herself, great sentimental indecision, general dissatisfaction.

The Journey : a little trip coming up short
Reconciliation : Peace made with a relative or old friend
The Surprise : you will soon get a great bargain


Up card brings joyous moments (trips, parties etc.) Rappresent also all that is lived with lightness or semplicity. Situation is calm and without problems, and if they are, will be overcome with ease.

Down card brings lack of enthusiasm, apathy and nosines. Also speaks of sadness but this will be short-termed.

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