Steampunk Lenormand Cards

40 Lenormand Cards & SteampunkAlbum


Steampunk Lenormand #37,38,39,40

Following the example of a new deck from Ciro Marcet I added another 4 cards in this deck ~ https://picasaweb.google.com/117409743568240019103/TheGildedReverieLenormand             This deck that I made can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117409743568240019103/SteampunkLenormand40#


Steampunk Lenormand #36

Card 36 (6♣): Cross General: :(, !, distress, sacrifice, religion, pain, suffering, sadness, despair, sorrow, remorse, regret, difficulty, burden (cross to bear), ordeal, crisis, trauma, victim, guilt, grief, SOS distress signal, dogma, faith, charity, mercy, selflessness, devotion, talisman, prayer, Christianity Location: church, holy place, sacred space, altar Health: lower back, paramedic, chaplain, volunteer Timing (houses)*:… Прочитајте више Steampunk Lenormand #36


Steampunk Lenormand #35

Card 35 (9♠): Anchor General: :), stability, perseverance, safe arrival, security, settling down, immigration, home base, legacy, standpoint, lifestyle, overcoming difficulty, determination, ocean Location: base, station, harbour, coastal area, port, beach, island (dryer than Fish area) Colours: navy blue Health: hips, pelvic bone, stable condition Timing (houses)*: September Timing (other): long-term, permanent, years


Steampunk Lenormand #34

Card 34 (K♦): Fish (business, self-employment) General: commerce, transaction, independence, business, investment, industry, trade, exchange, self-employment, consulting work, freedom, movement, flexibility, expansion, liquid, water, alcohol, rain, ocean Location: shop, place of business, swimming pool, bath or shower or sink area, bar, lakeside area (nature resort), river, coastal area, port, beach, island (more humid than Anchor… Прочитајте више Steampunk Lenormand #34


Steampunk Lenormand #33

Card 33 (8♦): Key General: :), !, solution, mastery, significance, success, certainty, access, code, password, breakthrough, discovery, revelation, epiphany, aha moment, flash of inspiration, insight, clue, sign, miracle, cure, emphasis, destiny and dharma including spiritual forces that help us to grow and overcome karmic imbalances, karmic lessons, security, synchronicity, the soul Location: doorway, gate, locked… Прочитајте више Steampunk Lenormand #33


Steampunk Lenormand #32

Card 32 (8♥): Moon General: romance, arts, recognition, falling in love, euphoria, intimacy, desire, seduction, emotions, sensitivity, fantasy, dreams, imagination, creativity, entertainment, advertising, intuition, psychic abilities, subconscious mind, right brain, feminine, awards, fame, honour, spotlight, intermittent, regular cycle, ebb and flow, Islam Location: bedroom Colours: silver Health: female organs, hormonal system and disorders, cyclical disorders,… Прочитајте више Steampunk Lenormand #32