Question about health ?

One day, my friend came to me and asked me to open the Cards for her, and the question was about bad health of her father. I used 3 x 3 row (9 cards spread)
First row of Cards (past) :
A Journey & A Rich Man & Judical Person
• A Journey : this Card  is linked to the sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter and the 9th house of Zodiac. It is usually concerned with transport or travel.  It may also lead to new avenues for you to explore. When it comes to helth, this Card is linked to mobility, ie. emphasizes that the querent has to be more mobile, to be more active, better food and not overdoing the pleasures of life. May indicate problems with hips, rump inflammation in the spine, but it also points to a potential problem with circulation, reduced metabolism, insulin production in the body, and problems with speech (because Jupiter is linked to the left hemisphere of the brain that is essential speech) and only 9 field is linked directly to the CNS.
• A Rich Man : This Card is linked to the sign of Aquarius, the Sun and the planets Uranus and North Moon Node, as well as the 11 house of the Zodiac. This Card may represent a young business person who deals in finance – looking after others’ interests and security. This Card is linked directly to the heart and nervous system, circulation, flow and heart rhythm, etc. … It can be connected with the veins, arteries, mobility of extremities (but mental disease as Alzheimer’s type, etc… everything concerns brain and mind)
• Judical Person : this may relate to court procedure or a lawyer.  It could be legal matters relating to disputes or disagreements bringing discord into your life.  It could also mean an authoritative statement of fact. the health level of this card brings a lot of bad things, because it has a wide range of bad “activities”. This card shows health problems wich are there for a long time, “smoldering” person and he & she most often do not realize it. Not only there is negative influences from the environment, but the person is a true natural “sponge” for negative powers and energies. Possible problems with the nervous system, anxiety, depression, fear of open spaces or large groups of people, infections due to low immunity, and also this astrological symbolism that is associated with this card can be issued hospitalization too. Person must take care of his & her health and do not exaggerate or food / drink, or alcohol and drugs taken at “your own”.
The past story about her father was as follows:
He was seriously ill for years and years, he had difficulties to walk due to poor circulation in the legs, there was a problems with heart, he had 3 bypass and 1 cardiac pacemaker, problems with oscillating blood pressure, diabetes, slow work of stomash and intestines, and therefore problems with the colon, and due to diabetes there were problems with liver and spleen, and also kidney problems (which had almost ceased to function) and that kidney problem brought the problem with hearing, and also had trouble controlling bad temper, and memory problems.
The first line of the Cards more than well represented the situation with her father, do not you think so?
Second row od Cards (present) :
Living Room & His Thoughts & The Good Lady
• Living Room : relates to where you feel ‘at home’ be it the kitchen, craft room, office, computer area, study – wherever you consider is your own personal space. The Card is associated with the sign of Gemini and the planet Moon and 4th house of the Zodiac. On the health plan, this Card can be related to anxiety, poor concentration, feelings of lack of awareness that brings confusion and disarray in the head, problems with speech, locomotion, or stuttering, or problems with thinking (with very bad Cards around this Card, can bring aggressive depression or classical depression) It is possible that person is overly concerned about his (or someone’s health) Problems with the respiratory tract, asphyxiation, asthma, allergies. It can also be a problem with the liver too, wich’ll bring imbalance of glycogen, but also can be associated with a lack of aldostrona (people do not the have proper function of adrenaline in them…) and may be related to a malfunction of the thyroid gland and the problems in the abdominal cavity.
• His Thoughts : could relate to all sorts of thoughts racing through the mind, caused by instability in the emotional state.  A solution is needed to clear them. The nearby cards could hold the key. This Card is associated with the planet Mercury and the sign of Aquarius and 3 house of the Zodiac. If we look at the combination from astrological side and we want to connect with health, Mercury & Aquarius & 3rd house can bring problems with concentration, inconvenient and difficult temeperament, bad dreams, or severe insomnia (all depending on the surrounding cards that will show whether the problem is real or just patient imagination, or the querent is exaggerating and thus somehow “sick in the head”)
• The Good Lady : this card elates to a mature female (older than 40 years) who could be a mother, grandmother, lady friend, companion or anyone of mature years. She will know what to say in order to bring peace, compassion and tranquility to others. This Card is linked to the sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn and the Moon as well as 1 house of the Zodiac. This Card is regarding the health like a conjunction between Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in 1 house and can refer mainly to the bones, skin, teeth that are brittle and prone to breaking. Dehydration and fatigue and feeling “deflated balloon”, and melancholy attitude of “life goes and I stagnate in” that can bring depression and addiction to drugs. The querent should be warned that he & she need to drink more water, avoid food that is salty or that is made with pasteurized ie. development of “friendly” bacteria (yogurt, cheese ~ especially the “moldy” modern fensy cheese … etc …) Problems with movement, difficulty in sitting or walking, pain in the hips and knees. And it is possible to occur a pain in the upper arm or below the chest. This Card shows that the querent is doing something that accelerates the aging process ~ Improper diet, little sleep, exaggeration, tanning or using too many cosmetics for “rejuvenation”.
When a question was asked, her father was almost motionless, lying in bed for weeks, due to the complete inability to stand on his feet. On the one hand he was taking medication for diabetes that has brought problems with dehydration, but on the other hand, taking a medicine for kidney and heart because of a buildup of water in the body. Of course, all of this made ​​him very nervous and depressed, and she had a lot of trouble communicating with him because she could not persuade him to go to hospital for treatment.
The third row of Cards :
Principal Female Person & Unexpected Money & Brief illness (future) :
• Principal Female Person : This is a Card that is usually directly related to the querent if it’s a woman (as if the Card “The Good Lady”… all depending on the age of the querent…) if she is younger than 40 years. Also this Card is related to the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus and the 1 house of the Zodiac. If the querent is a man, it will show his “special person” or someone who is very important to him (sister, girl-friend etc…) and then this Card will be related to the 7 house of the Zodiac. This relates to the questioner if female, or if a male asking the question, it stands for his wife, partner, girlfriend or other important female friend. In terms of a combination for health Venus & Taurus and 1 or 7 house, can bring problems with hormones, kilograms, food, tonsils, a “silent” headache in the occipital part of the head, problems with blood sugar ( diabetes ) or problems with the lower stomach, kidneys and bladder, and depending on the emotional state obsessed with the work can bring pain in the lower stomach ~ again the same story as the previous Card “Gift”, or not eating, or gorging because it has an “emotional pain” and etc…
• Unexpected Money : This is another card with unexpected money – but less than card 11.  However,  it may ‘save the day’ and turn around a situation where you may have been described as penniless. In Astrology that is associated with the sign of Virgo and the planet Mercury and 2nd house of Zodiac. When it comes to health, this Cars can be related to the beginning of recovery from an illness, can also be linked to problems with neck or stomach (excessive intake of cold drinks, bad food or speaking too loud that will damage the vocal cords, for example) This is a Card which is directly across the astrological symbolism associated with diet and weight maintenance, and if the surrounding cards are favorable, that such a diet that will help, and if the surrounding cards are unfavorable, it is ver possible that person will have some problems with eating (obesity or excessive thinness) that will later directly affect the development of a disease due to the decrease the immune system.
• Brief Illnes : the Card that is associated with the sign of Virgo and the planet Saturn and the 6 house of Zodiac. It is possible that someone close to querent is sick, not just him & her. Given that this Card is related to Saturn and Virgo and the 6 house, possible problems with helth are : digestion, stomach, slow intestines work, but it can also be related even with bad concentration, low vitality, immunity, allergies, and at the same time, this setting may also regulate poor health and body constitution if it’s surrounded with bad Cards (especially in relation to food ~ weight, for example, because Saturn reduce, diminish …) and if this Card is surrounded with good Cards (“Big Luck”, “A Pleasant Letter”, “Hope” etc…) the sick persone / situation will get better soon.
What’ll future bring? Most likely because of his weight problems (her father has 270 pounds), and refusal to properly feed, as well as refusing to take more walks, he will still have to go to hospital for treatment and healing. What is good in all of this is that this treatment will help him, and he’ll not stay long in the hospital :)

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