Lenormand Combinations #9 Bouquet


Meaning: Visit
Personal card. Joy. Gift. Invitation. Hope. Satisfaction. Creativity and diversity. As well: Courtesy. Harmony. Engagement.

Sociable woman. Happy moments spent with laughter and good hope. As well: Exuberance can sometimes frighten others.

Turn on your charm. Small touches that go down well. Funded by help. As well: Don’t let them provoke you. Remain polite.

Character: Charming 

Bouquet in combination with …

  • Rider: Gift. Happy message. Invitation.
  • Clover: Gift. Complete pleasure. Pleasing invitation. Much luck.
  • Ship: Happy holiday. Journey.
  • House: Happy family life. Beautiful house. Celebration.
  • Tree: Best friends. Good health. Nature. Spontaneous joy.
  • Clouds: Threatening visitor. Daydreaming. Idleness. A woman is afraid.
  • Snake: Creative woman. Jealousy. Complicated meeting.
  • Coffin: Cancelled meeting. Unpleasant assembly. Nurse.
  • Scythe: Sudden and pleasant surprise. Surprising visit. Good medical consultation.
  • Whip: Small talk. Dispute with a woman. Pleasant conversation.
  • Oriole: Woman causes sorrow. Unpleasant incidents at celebration. Funny conversations.
  • Child: Naive woman. Great child. Gift for a child.
  • Fox: Work that revolves around fashion or beauty. Sincerity. Honest friend. False friendliness.
  • Bear: Befriended couple. Woman close to a man.
  • Stars: Visitor brings clarity. Hopes and dreams. Spiritual knowledge.
  • Stork: Creative hobby. Positive change. Change arises at a party.
  • Dog: Friends around whom you feel comfortable. Good friend. Good company.
  • Tower: A woman withdraws. Separation from woman. Alternative medicine.
  • Park: Garden. Nature. Public event. Social event.
  • Mountain: Outside. Hike. Visit brings frustrating experiences.
  • Way: Wander through nature. Possibilities. Woman-related decision.
  • Mice: Losing good temper. Luck is short. You can’t stop something.
  • Heart: Falling in love. Engagement. Looking forward to a visitor. Romantic relationship with another woman.
  • Ring: Close relationship with another woman. Proposal. Good contract.
  • Book: Pleasing mystery. Secret meeting. Blind date.
  • Letter: Message from a woman. Invitation. Happy messages.
  • Man: Main character is close to another woman. Charming man.
  • Woman: Pretty woman. You will make a visit.
  • Lily: Family celebration. Sexual relationship with a woman. Satisfaction.
  • Sun: Welcome development. Happiness and strength related to a woman.
  • Moon: Terrible state of nerves. Spiritual growth.
  • Key: Big success. Visit brings certainty.
  • Fish: Expensive gift or invitation. Female alcoholic.
  • Anchor: Nice colleagues. Pleasant working environment. Achieving goals.
  • Cross: Predestined luck. Expected visitor doesn’t come. Charity. Luck has a price.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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