Lenormand Combinations #3 Ship


Meaning: Longing
Trip. Distance. Circumstances change. Let events come to you. One longs for the card to which the ship is sailing. As well: Something moves forward. Exploitation. Theft. Fears and worries are exploited. Night.

Long-term relationship. Wait for the right one. As well: Leave someone or a loved one behind. Someone from another country, who is far away at the sea.

Starting a new business. Putting all one’s eggs in one basket. Journeys – for fun or business. As well: Don’t rush. Let things happen without intervention.

Character: Enterprising 

Ship in combination with …

  • Rider: Progress. Very good message. Message is being sent .
  • Clover: Happy journey. Gambling journey. Short travel.
  • House: Longing for stable living conditions. Journey back home.
  • Tree: Long-lasting yearning. Seasickness. Waiting for a journey.
  • Clouds: Trip is cancelled. Uncertain journey. Unpleasantness.
  • Snake: Longing for another woman. Turbulent holiday. Difficult journey. Travel with detours.
  • Coffin: A journey does not take place. Falling ill on a trip. Shift in travel plans.
  • Bouquet: Woman from far away. Happy journey. Visiting relatives who live far away.
  • Scythe: Accident. Sudden departure. Unplanned trip.
  • Whip: Longing for advice. Troubled journey. Active holidays. Dispute on a trip.
  • Oriole: A journey that makes you worry.
  • Child: Unfulfilled fertility. Short trip. Child leaves home.
  • Fox: Wrong time for travelling. Reckon with fraud. Someone who works in a travel agency. Better to cancel the trip. Illusion.
  • Bear: Longing for another man. Arduous journey.
  • Stars: Desire for clarity. Dream destination. Promising trip.
  • Stork: A journey brings changes. Change of residence. Trip leads to something represented by the card on the right. Emigration.
  • Dog: Relaxed trip. Longing for friends. Travelling with friends.
  • Tower: Travelling alone. Journey on behalf of the government. Travelling abroad. Desire for distance and solitude.
  • Park: Travelling to an event. Trip with a lot of people.
  • Mountain: Repressed longing. Trip with frustrating experience. A journey is delayed. Trip to the mountains.
  • Way: Trip in six to eight weeks. Decision about a journey.
  • Mice: Annoying travel. Journey is cancelled.
  • Heart: Journey with a loved one. Honeymoon. Romantic weekend. Longing for love.
  • Ring: Honeymoon. Marriage in a foreign country. Weekend relationship. Unfulfilled desires in a relationship.
  • Book: Secret journey. Educational travel. Something is kept secret.
  • Letter: The message is already sent. Information about a journey. Messages from far away.
  • Man: Man or partner comes towards you. Distanced man. Man from far away.
  • Woman: Woman or partner comes towards you. You are longing for something represented by the card to the right.
  • Lily: Longing for sexual experiences. Family trip. Winter journey. Sexual adventure.
  • Sun: Relaxing holiday. Summer journey.
  • Moon: Journey through the night. A lot of unfulfilled desires.
  • Key: Trip ends with something represented by the card to the right. Journey that never happens.
  • Fish: Expensive journey. Money arrives. Fishing trip.
  • Anchor: Business trip. Work is far away. Cruise. Work on a boat or in the travel industry.
  • Cross: Longing is manageable. Pilgrimage. Leaving forever.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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