Lenormand Combinations #14 Fox


Meaning: Cunning
Personal card. Fraud, lies, dishonesty. Falseness, self-deception, or negative attitude. The wrong time for something. As well: New responsibilities at work. Fate points you in the right direction. Distance.

Do what needs to be done to provide for your family. Open your eyes. Intrigue. As well: Deception. Lack of trust or respect. Don’t be made a fool.

Hard work. Being smart and cunning. Be alert. Nobody’s fool. As well: Illegal activities to get by. Stop gossip. Go the way of truth.

Character: Smart 

Fox in combination with …

  • Rider: Good messages are lies. Message that looks good, but only at first glance.
  • Clover: False joy.
  • Ship: Stay close to each other. Problem with a journey. Stay at home.
  • House: Fraudulent family member. Wrong place to live. Living in the wrong body.
  • Tree: Workers in health service. Misdiagnosis. Precautionary health care.
  • Clouds: Falseness. Serious fraud.
  • Snake: Lying woman. Danger.
  • Coffin: Wrong diagnosis. No education.
  • Bouquet: False name. Gossip. Gift with strings attached.
  • Scythe: Unexpected fraud. Work accident.
  • Whip: Problem caused by dishonesty. Dispute and arguments are the wrong way. Avoid discussions.
  • Oriole: Libel and slander. Dishonest conversation. Excitement because of fraud. Pointless upset.
  • Child: Little white lies. Clever child. Lying child.
  • Bear: Clever in dealing with money. Finding deception where you might not expect it. Nice man who lies.
  • Stars: Wrong time. Wrong attitude. Negative vibes.
  • Stork: Changes triggered by intrigue. Fraud gets exposed. Avoid changes.
  • Dog: False friendship. Dishonest friend. Wrong animal.
  • Tower: Prison. Old secrets. Conflicts with officials. Don’t give up.
  • Park: Wrong society. Hypocrisy. Public fraud. Lots of people are involved in fraud.
  • Mountain: Problem because of lies. Blowing up problems.
  • Way: Clever decision. Think carefully about decisions. Wrong time. Wrong direction.
  • Mice: The bubble pops. Confession.
  • Heart: Manipulation. Love-related betrayal. Dishonesty in love matters. Wrong partner.
  • Ring: Wrong or lying partner. Manipulation in relationship. Spurious ring.
  • Book: Fraud is kept secret. Creativity. Conspiracy.
  • Letter: Manipulation. False information.
  • Man: Untrustworthy. Smart man. Liars. Intrigue.
  • Woman: Untrustworthy. Smart woman. Impostor. Intrigue.
  • Lily: Wrong behavior in sexual matters. Lying to the family.
  • Sun: Faked joy. Imaginary force.
  • Moon: Emotional dishonesty. Thoughts go in the wrong direction. Delusions.
  • Key: Intrigue. Insurance fraud.
  • Fish: Financial fraud. Clever in dealing with money. Wrong dealing with money.
  • Anchor: Intrigue. Long-lasting dishonesty. Mobbing.
  • Cross: Big mistake. Lies are a burden.
  • http://lenormand-reading.com/36-lenormand-cards-in-detail/#

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